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On January 11th, 2017, China decided to carry out anti-dumpin...

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This report systematically analyzed the characteristics of mid-...

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August Corn Prices in the Production and...In August, corn buying and selling both are still sluggish The auctionof temporarily-stored corn continued, and t
Farming and Feed: Livestock/Poultry Farming...In July, hog, broiler and layer farming margins improved Of which, owing to a less supply, hog purchase prices
Further Processing: The Loss of Processing...In August, the quotations of corn further processed products didn’t change greatly, and only the prices of
Production: 2019 Corn Output Would be 250 Million MT, down 3.0% from 2018In August, influenced by typhoon, some areas in main corn production areas of north witnessed waterlogging Howeve
BOABC Viewpoint: 2019 soybean imports to ...Due to the impact of African swine fever, the demand of soybean meal market in China has decreased significantly
Grand Holding to purchase FGV China Oils...FGV, a Malaysian company, is one of the world& 39;s largest palm oil producers and a leading supplier of palm o
Yihai Kerry’s IPO to stimulate grain and...On July 12, the China Securities Regulatory Commission released the prospectus of Yihai Kerry Jinlongyu Grain and
No substantive progress in China-US negoti...In mid-July, the state leaders ofChina and the United States showed some sincerity when they met in Osaka Then
In the First Half of 2019, NPK Compani...In August, listed compound fertilizer companies released their semiannual reports of 2019, of which Kingenta’s
Domestic Potash Prices Fell ,Russian Potash Price Fell and NPK Prices Fell(1)Domestic Potash PricesFell and Russian Potash Price FellThe price of Salt Lake’s MOP (60%, crystal) arriva
Sulfur Price Stabilized, Ammonia Price I...Phosphate rock(30%)FOT priceaveraged at 411 RMB MT in August,the same as last month Solid sulfur price averaged at
Anthracite Price Fell, Urea Price Fell an...The average price of Shanxi Jincheng’s anthracite (Q:7000) was 1044RMB MT inAugust, RMB 18 MT less than last
Hog prices were 26.96 yuan/kg in this week, increasing 2.08% from last week(1) On September 6, 2019, the factory price of carcass averaged 36 06 yuan kg in 36 large and medium-sized citie
BOABC Viewpoint: The outbreak of ASF led...Affected by the outbreak of African swine fever, the annual inventory of reproductive sows fell by 9 5% from the
Focus: China Allowed to Import Soybean Me...On September 11th, China and Argentina signed agreement that China allowed to import soybean meal from Argentina A
Focus: The Auction Volume of Temporarily-S...Typhoon Lekimabrought strong wind and rain to coastal areas of east China, the east of north China and the sout

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Company NewslShanying Paper plans to reduce the amount of convertible bonds from less than 2 656 billion RMBtoless than1 86 b
Forestry Resources and Policies NewslA draft revision of the forest law was submitted to the standing committee of the 13th National People& 39;s Co
The Monthly Data Statistics on Wood and Its Products 1 2 1 The Monthly Data on Industry Related Economic IndicatorslFrom January to May, the forestry fixed asset inves
Company NewslRecently, Caofeidian No 6 Farmstarted the construction of the environment-friendly wood-based panel project in Caofe
China Fruit Market Research Monthly ReportBOABC: China’s High Quality Apple Prices Would Rise If the Cold Injury Caused Reduction of Apple Output by
China Fruits and Vegetables Market Monthly ReportMonthly Insight: Conducting an in-depth analysis on current hot topics and newsPolicy: Focus on industry polices t
5.46% Increase of White Granulated Sugar from July(1)White Granulated SugarTheoveralltrendofspotpriceforsugarshowedanincreasingtrend The average spot price for white gran
China’s Sugar Price Index rose slight...The wholesale price index tickedupin August,which averaged 5,744 9 yuan ton, up5 33% from lastmonth, up5 29%YoY
Focus: Revenue of Sugar Manufacturing ...(1) The industrial inventory in July was down 18 74% YoY Altogether 8 5659 million tons sugar had been sold til
10.76 million Tons New Sugar Produce...China had produced 10 76 milliontons sugar till the end of Mayin 2018 19, 454,100 tons morethan the 10 31 million
Dairy Production Stood at 15.5 Milli...In July, dairy production totaled 2 32 million tons, up 9% YoY, of which liquid dairy products 2 17 million tons
Raw Milk Production and Marketing are flourishing in China According to monitoring by MOA, both raw milk production and sales are booming in the first half of 2019 (1) Ra
China’s Raw Milk Price Rose Further in AugustAccording to monitoring data from MOA, from August 2018 to February 2019, China’s raw milk price saw contin
In August, corn buying and selling bo...From September 2018 to April 2019, the monthly index for China’s raw milk production surged for eight conse